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Creating Value as a First and Second in Command

The typical first in command spends less than 20% of his/her time doing what brings the greatest value to the organization.

For over 10 years this exclusive program, The Noise Reduction System™, has only been available via regional workshops or personal coaching. We are now offering the full course as a DIY solution. You can attend the virtual course, at your leisure. This includes all ten classes taught by Larry Linne, the tools, workbooks, and more.

Business “First-in-Commands” are finding the noise to be overwhelming in their lives and their businesses causing them to spend less than 20% of their time doing what brings the greatest value to the organization. This course will completely flip that allowing FIC's to spend 80% of their time doing what they do best!

Overall Objectives

  • "Freedom to Grow" for a FIC (First in Command)
  • "Freedom to Act" for a SIC (Second in Command)

FIC/SIC Evaluation™

All The Tools You Need To Build A Successful Online Business

If the FIC has confidence in their SIC, and the SIC has the Freedom to Act™ this frees them both up to spend more time doing what they do best. If your FIC/SIC team had an objective report, a plan to be a more cohesive and efficient team, and if each of you were able to spend 80% of your time doing what you do best - what would that equate to in:

  •  Time saved?
  •  Revenue generated?
  •  The bottom line?
  •  Employee morale?
  •  Owner satisfaction?
  •  Company value?

The FIC/SIC Evaluation™ begins with two separate interviews for both the First and Second-in-Command performed by a member of our Executive Leadership. During these two independent 30-minute sessions, we will ask you questions to determine the perception of the SIC’s role and effectiveness.

From there, we will provide you with a customized FIC/SIC Evaluation™ Report with a graphical representation of the results from the interview. This report and graph will provide you with:

  •  Gaps in Perception
  •  Strengths
  •  Weaknesses
  •  Areas of Development
  •  Summary and Recommendations

The Tools to Succeed

The Psychology of a First in Command

What a First in Command Needs™

Initial Top 5 Up at Night Items™

Up a Night List™

30 Day Guide to Success™

The WHY Exercise™



The Consequence Worksheet™

Priority Filter™


Innovation Gap Eliminator™

Interpretation Clarifier™

Personal Values Identifier™


Corporate Values Identifier™


Sleep Perception™

Proactive Client Management Tool™


Have To - Want To - Should Do™

Activity Transfer Plan™

Innovation Development System™

Noise Reduction Objectives Clarifier™

Organizational System Evaluation™

The Culture Evolution™

Ownership Value Identifier™

Topics Covered

  • Core Principles for Success
  • FIC/SIC Upward Communication
  • Identifying Your WHY
  • Maximize Your Skills
  • Develop Your Team
  • Solving Problems by Inserting Consequences
  • Keeping Priorities
  • Interpreting the FIC's Message
  • Aligning with the Owner's Values
  • Losing Sleep
  • Proactive Client Management
  • Making the Company Look Good
  • Have To - Want To - Should Do
  • Leading Versus Doing
  • Bringing New Ideas
  • Bringing Results to the Organization
  • Organizational Skills
  • Culture Management
  • Ownership Value
  • Tuition 101

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